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Join me on my journey to better sleep. I’m Ryan Nelson, a 42-year-old solopreneur living in bustling New York City. A few years back, I found myself grappling with insomnia, and it was affecting every aspect of my life.

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Join Me on the Journey to Better Sleep

Hi there, I’m Ryan, and I’m here to guide you on the path to better sleep. Having struggled with my own sleep issues, I know how important it is to find a personalized solution. That’s why I’m excited to share my journey of using quantitative sleep tracking and experimentation to craft a customized sleep protocol that works for me.

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Sleep Tracking

Learn how I monitor and optimize sleep patterns with advanced tracking

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Sleep Hygiene

Optimize sleep with healthy habits and routines


Sleep Supplements & Products

Enhance sleep with natural supplements and vitamins

Quantify Sleep

My Sleep Solution Protocol

My journey to better sleep began when insomnia struck during a stressful phase as a digital marketer. To address this issue, I adopted a systematic and data-driven approach to find a tailored solution.

I integrated a sleep tracking ring into my routine, alongside a detailed Google Sheet sleep diary. These tools helped me monitor and understand my sleep patterns comprehensively.

Taking things further, I conducted research and experiments, trying various sleep supplements and products. This holistic process, though time-consuming, led me to craft a personalized sleep protocol that not only conquered my insomnia but also enhanced my overall sleep quality.

Now, I’m eager to share this approach with others, emphasizing that each person’s path to better sleep is unique.


Quantitative Insights

I began using a sleep tracking device (the Oura ring) to analyze my sleep patterns


Qualitative Insights

I began keeping a Google Sheet sleep diary where I documented what sleep supplements, products and hygiene practices I was experimenting with


Consistent Experimentation

After several months of experimentation and research, I found the sleep strategies that worked for me. You can read more about what those practices are here.

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