The Soloar Snooze Bluetooth Sleep Mask

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  • Escape Reality & Sleep Soundly with the SolarSnooze Bluetooth sleep mask
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You know what’s great about this sleep mask? It’s got it all! It’s got the headphones, it’s got the comfort, it’s got the light-blocking capabilities. And the best part? It’s all in one convenient package.

Here’s the rundown:

  • It’s got Bluetooth headphones built-in, so you can listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts while you catch some z’s.
  • The adjustable, bending cartilage design blocks out any pesky light, making it perfect for those who are sensitive to light.
  • And, with the upgraded battery chip, you won’t have to worry about being woken up in the middle of the night. A 2-2.5 hour charge gives you over 9 hours of playtime.
  • And, the sound quality? Top-notch. It’s got the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, producing excellent stereo sound.
  • And let’s not forget about comfort. The sleep mask is made from soft and comfortable materials, and even has a washable design.

Sleep Better, Anywhere, Anytime

Discover the Ultimate Sleeping Experience with the Bluetooth Sleep Headphones and Sleep Mask. Now you can listen to your music, guided meditations, or audio books without any external headphones and protect yourself from external disturbances.

With a built-in microphone, you’ll never miss a call. Suitable for use at home, on the road, or for yoga and meditation, this sleep mask is designed to help with insomnia, relaxation, and restful sleep.

Block Out the Light with Ease

The bending cartilage design of this sleep mask effectively blocks light from the nose area and provides extra cushion for the eyes and nose. The adjustable, durable design makes it perfect for frequent travelers and those who are sensitive to light. Enjoy complete darkness and a peaceful sleep anywhere, anytime.

Long Battery Life

bluetooth sleep mask v4

With the upgraded chip battery, you can enjoy more than 9 hours of playing time after just a 2-2.5 hour charge. The high-performance battery ensures you won’t be disturbed by low battery during the night, so you can sleep soundly like a baby.

Featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the TOPOINT sleep headphones offer true HD high-fidelity sound that easily pairs with smartphones, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The speakers can be adjusted to fit your ears, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit.


This sleep headphone is made from velvet and elastic material, providing a soft and comfortable feeling. The fabric liner can be removed, so you can wash the eye mask as needed. Experience the ultimate in sleeping comfort and sound quality with the Bluetooth Sleep Headphones and Sleep Mask from SolarSnooze.

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6 reviews for The Soloar Snooze Bluetooth Sleep Mask

  1. Xose Mendez

    As an avid meditator who lives in the bustling city, I find it difficult to escape the noise and find peace for both sleep and meditation. That’s why I rely on the sleep sounds and guided meditation audios through this product to create a relaxing environment. It has been a valuable tool in regulating my sleep pattern, but I wouldn’t describe it as a true noise-canceling device. The speakers are positioned close to my ears, but I can still hear outside noise depending on the volume.

    While this may seem like a small issue, I still highly recommend this product as a valuable aid for sleep and meditation. Just keep in mind that it’s not a complete noise-canceling solution. Instead, consider it as a device that helps to block out some of the outside noise through the sound coming from the speakers.

  2. Demarcus Mcmullen

    So, I’m a pretty picky guy when it comes to what I put on my head at night, you know? I’ve tried a few different sleep masks in the past, but this one really stood out to me. It’s not quite perfect, but it’s the closest I’ve come to finding a mask that works for me.

    Now, I gotta tell you, I’m not a fan of wearing anything on my head when I’m trying to get some shuteye. But, every now and then, when I’m feeling like relaxing and listening to some audio books, I’ll put this sleep mask on. It’s a great way to escape all the distractions and focus on what’s going on in my imagination. The sound quality is fantastic, and it really helps me get lost in the story. So, if you’re looking for a way to get away from it all, I’d say this sleep mask is definitely worth checking out.

  3. Gage Edmonds

    As a health-conscious European woman in my 50s who values natural sleep solutions, I have struggled to find a comfortable way to block out noise and light while sleeping. I have tried wired earbuds and sleep masks in the past, but they either caused discomfort or simply did not stay in place.
    I was skeptical about the Zumusen Bluetooth speaker sleep mask, but after trying it for a night at a friend’s suggestion, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked for me. The design is perfect, with a soft and comfortable shape that stays in place, covering both my ears and eyes without being overly noticeable.

    I can’t guarantee that this sleep mask will work for everyone, and there are many similar products on the market, but for me, the Zumusen sleep mask was a game-changer. I was so impressed with its effectiveness that the first time I used it, I was disoriented in the morning because I had slept all night through and didn’t even realize it.

  4. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Ah, yes, the search for the perfect sleep aid. It’s a treacherous journey, but one I was determined to embark on. I spent a few hours poring over online reviews and researching various options, and in the end, I settled on this sleep mask with Bluetooth headphones.
    I have to say, it was a wise choice. The mask is comfortable, and the Bluetooth speakers fit snugly over my ears, providing just the right amount of sound to block out the world and lull me into slumber. The controls are easy to use, and the mask is well-designed overall.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a better night’s sleep. It’s a valuable addition to one’s travel kit and a blessing for those of us who find it difficult to fall asleep in unfamiliar surroundings. So, if you’re looking for a sleep solution, I’d say give this sleep mask a try.

  5. Germain Beaumont

    Yo bro, let me tell you, this sleep mask is top-notch. It’s so damn comfortable and stays put while you’re getting your Zs, no slipping or sliding around. The sound options are sick, I’m a fan of the thunderstorms myself. And the battery life? Solid. I charged it on Christmas and didn’t have to hit it up again until two days ago, that’s a full month of use on a single charge.

    I haven’t tried the phone option yet, but overall I’m pumped that I got this as a gift. If you’re looking to optimize your sleep and maximize your gains, I’d highly recommend this sleep mask to my bros and fam.

  6. Savannah Brotherton

    As someone who has struggled with insomnia for years, I was excited to try these Bluetooth speaker sleep headphones. When I first put them on, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they were. I quickly fell into a deep sleep, but, as fate would have it, my bladder woke me up. When I got up to use the bathroom, I was greeted by a pulsing blue light in the room and my brain immediately jumped to the conclusion that I had been abducted by aliens. I was about to freak out, but then I noticed that the light was coming from my own forehead – it was just the Bluetooth flashing on my sleep headphones. Despite that initial scare, I have to say I am really happy with my purchase. The headphones are comfortable, soft, and hold a charge all night long. Plus, they are even washable! The only downside is that my cat doesn’t seem to be a fan.

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