Learn How I Achieved 95% Sleep Efficiency

This is the System I Used to Defeat My Insomnia For Good

About Me

Ryan Nelson, NicheFacts.com Founder

Hi there, I’m Ryan Nelson from Brooklyn Heights, NYC. (And that’s my standard Poodle, Gabe!)

At 41, I grappled with really difficult insomnia triggered by business stress back in 2020.

The battle was tough but it taught me the value of data.

Using meticulous sleep tracking and sleep hygiene practices, I started chipping away at my sleep problems, optimizing one percent at a time.

Over six months, I saw a significant 10% improvement in my sleep efficiency, pushing me to a 95% efficiency level on most nights!

This wasn’t just a win for my sleep, but for my overall life. I saw a boost in job performance, fitness, and even social activities.

The pain of insomnia led to the creation of QuantifySleep.com, my platform to help others defeat insomnia through systematic tracking and experimentation. I believe anyone can improve their sleep and drastically improve the quality of their waking life.

Welcome aboard!