Join my sleep challenge and get free 1 on 1 support. I’ll help you begin methodically tracking your sleep while incrementally layering in a variety of interventions customized to YOUR specific sleep challenges:

Are you struggling with insomnia and looking for a systematic and low-cost way to improve the quality of your sleep? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people suffer from poor sleep quality, which can affect their daily lives, productivity, and health.

But, the good news is that you can incrementally improve the quality of your sleep by becoming your own sleep scientist.

How I Fixed My Insomnia & How You Can Too

Ryan Nelson, Founder“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

When I began suffering debilitating insomnia at the age of 38 I was a wreck. My brand of insomnia caused me to wake up over and over during the course of the night, leaving me feeling completely shattered in the morning.

I would be fried with exhaustion during the day. And the worst part? I would be ‘wired’ awake at 2 AM when I was trying to go to sleep.

And I knew exactly what caused it…

I’ve run successful online businesses since 2016. (You can read my marketing blog here.) After Google released an algorithm update, my biggest website that earned me the majority of my income lost almost ALL of it’s traffic.

When I saw the destruction, I felt a surge of panic.

The panic lasted for several days. It was hard to breathe. And right then and there it felt like my body entered into a state of hypervigilant shock.

I was ‘wired’. The body was in some type of hyperaroused state and my sleep subsequently suffered a great deal. I would never sleep the same way again…

Of course I consulted with the medical ‘experts’ who were disinterested and largely useless.

I realized that I would have to rely on myself to fix my sleep problems.

The way I fixed my insomnia was to begin diligently tracking my sleep in a spreadsheet. I began taking notes about my sleep. I bought the Oura sleep-tracking ring and tried to find patterns in my daily habits that could be contributing to my insomnia.

I also began systematically incorporating different sleep-promoting interventions and tracking how they influenced my night’s rest.

It was only through this daily analysis of my sleep behavior that I began to slowly turn the tide. It enabled me to find a customized blend of sleep hygiene and supplementation practices that effectively ‘fixed’ my insomnia.

I’m not a sleep doctor or even a sleep ‘expert’. But, I do believe, that the best way to begin fixing your sleep problems is to collect data about your sleep behaviors and systematically introducing sleep interventions to test whether they work for you or not.

Sample spreadsheet:

sleep tracking spreadsheet

This is the sample spreadsheet that I’ll send you. You can make a copy and begin tracking your sleep.

OK, So What Is The Sleep Challenge?

The Sleep Challenge starts you on the path of tracking the quality of your sleepĀ and layering in a variety of sleep hygiene and even sleep-enhancing supplements.

Once you enter your email, I’ll email you a spreadsheet template that will help you track your sleep over the course of 20 days.

I’ll also share with you some of the sleep interventions I used to fix my sleep. You have the option to join the Facebook Group where I’ll share even more information about what’s worked for me and strategies from leading sleep experts.

You will then introduce 1-2 (or more, if you’re up for it) low-cost sleep hygiene interventions into your daily regimen and track your sleep results in the provided Google Sheet template.

The thesis is that sleep hygiene can INCREMENTALLY help, possibly cure, SOME sleep issues. It might take some time, but as you begin to get comfortable tracking your sleep, I am confident you’ll start realizing some encouraging ‘wins’.


What Happens At The End Of The Challenge?

Once your challenge is done, I’ll take a look at your results and I’ll tabulate your results for you.

The idea is that you continue tracking your sleep. As you get a sense for what works and what doesn’t work for you, you can begin layering in new interventions to assess how they effect you.

Do I need an Oura ring or other tracking device?

While it’s encouraged, you can simply give yourself a sleep score.

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